A Growing Trend in the Spa Space – CBD-Friendly Spas

At this point, it’s hard to deny that CBD is a massive trend, only gaining more traction and overall popularity for the foreseeable future. Many people who previously felt apprehensive about using a legal cannabis product have since embraced it for its many properties that have been slowly supported by the medical community at large, mostly due to a growing array of clinical studies showing the properties that the hemp plant and its star cannabinoids have to offer.

Nowadays, we have access to unique ways to utilize the cannabidiol compound through various applications, ranging from edibles and tinctures to vaping products. Still, a growing trend is the use of CBD topicals. Topicals offer a unique approach to using the compound for relief.

So, it is no surprise that CBD topicals could be particularly useful in massage treatments due to the properties that offer transdermal effects to the muscles and joints.  If you’re a spa owner, you may want to look into bringing CBD topicals into your massage operations.

Transdermal Cannabidiol and Massage Therapy

Research has shown us that CBD and other cannabinoids in the hemp plant can effectively provide properties through transdermal absorption. When we massage CBD extracts directly into the skin, the cannabinoids in the plant structure absorb through the skin within minutes and attach to cannabinoid receptors found in the tissue of the joints and muscles.  These receptors utilize cannabinoids to regulate processes, including inflammation.  Studies like this one published at NIH have largely supported the idea that cannabinoids can offer unique anti-inflammatory effects.

It isn’t hard to see why CBD topicals could therefore be very useful in a massage application. One of the major aims of massage therapy is to minimize inflammation that affects the joints and muscles and provide relief from pain, swelling, and mobility loss.  Cannabidiol’s unique properties could add benefit to a more effective massage experience.

CBD has also been noted for its potential analgesic activity, which disrupts the communication between the nerves and pain receptors in the brain. Massage therapists know that pain is not always inflammatory and can be neuropathic or something else of that nature.  

Growing Demand for CBD Products in Spa Environments

Because there is an influx of public awareness regarding the unique potential offered by CBD topicals, we see a growing demand for the use of CBD in spa environments, specifically for massage. More clients are eager to see how a massage could benefit from the use of hemp topical thanks to its properties that we noted above. Therefore, adding CBD topicals to your spa treatments as a spa owner could help entice customers who are looking for this specific type of treatment.

Competitive Edge

Incorporating CBD topicals into your spa’s massage treatments gives you a competitive edge, as a lot of spas are still unaware of the usefulness of the hemp plant in their operations.  This also shows that your place of business is on top of the latest trends, which gives you the ability to stand out from the competition.

Value To Your Business

CBD is something that our spa partners routinely use in service as an upcharge. So, buying CBD topical products for your business allows you to sell them to your customers directly and use them in service to command higher fees.

Holistic Value

Many spa clientele value holistic wellness practices, as the massage is a holistic practice in and of itself. CBD is also a holistic option, being a natural, plant-derived compound with widespread, systemic, and gentle effects.  Therefore, there is a big overlap between massage enthusiasts and hemp enthusiasts, and you can benefit from that overlap by including CBD topicals in your massage practices.

What Types of CBD Topicals Does East Coast Herbalist Have to Offer Spas Across the Country?

At East Coast Herbalist, we offer our carefully sourced CBD topicals and sell some selected third-part brands for wholesale to spas and other places of business. Our collection topicals are all made with organic hemp from experienced farmers, which has been extracted with care to preserve the stability and effectiveness of the compounds. These topicals combine CBD extracts with natural, plant-based ingredients that deeply moisturize the skin and provide benefits associated with plant compounds such as menthol, a cooling agent that can intensify feelings of relief during the massage process.

We offer topicals in various forms, including:

Most are scented with unique natural fragrances, and each offers aromatherapeutic value as well. Having a variety of CBD topicals at your spa allows clients to choose which one best suits their needs based on their preferences for aroma as well as consistency. 

Furthermore, all of the topicals available on our website have been thoroughly tested by a third-party laboratory to ensure that they meet federal standards and offer superior purity levels to be as effective as possible.

CBD Topicals Can Take Your Spa Location to the Next Level

At East Coast Herbalist, we offer a wide range of quality topicals that can dazzle clientele with clean, natural ingredients, dreamy aromas, and the perfect amount of CBD for adequate transdermal absorption. Explore our wholesale options to start bringing topicals into your practice and see how getting ahead of this trend can take your business to a world of bliss.

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