We Are Cannabis Professionals

East Coast Herbalist is a Massachusetts-based healthcare organization and manufacturer of hemp-derived CBD products founded by three friends with unique backgrounds. We care about our families, our communities, and believe that the cannabis industry is the future. 

We’re a trusted partner to physicians and patients across the United States. We work with like-minded professionals and businesses that share our passion for educating the public on the responsible and safe use of CBD products to improve health.

Our team has backgrounds in healthcare, fitness, beauty, and cannabis. We aim to bring credibility and trust into an industry that sorely needs both.

Why is there a lack of trust in the industry? It’s mainly because marijuana is still a scheduled narcotic. Many came before us who have been advocating for medical use for decades, but the stigma of pot smokers tied to cult movies like Reefer Madness or Cheech and Chong still lingers with baby boomers and millennials alike. People have a hard time getting over what has ben indoctrinated in them their whole life.

According to the DEA marijuana is Schedule I. This means it has no accepted medical use and high potential for abuse. At the current time, 18 states have a legal rec market. There are 36 states that have a legal medical market. How long will they keep cannabis as a Schedule I considering 3/4 of the states believe it does indeed have many medical uses.

The hemp industry has been a huge part of the push forward due to the popularity of CBD after it became federally legal in 2018. It also opened the door for much needed medical research. Due to our current laws, research attempts have been few and far between until recently. People have generally accepted the idea of hemp being medicinal because it doesn’t offer any psychoactive effects.

The reality? Hemp is cannabis, plain and simple. It is cannabis that produces less than 0.3% THC. If you don’t know, THC is the main cannabinoid that makes people feel “high” when they use marijuana. CBD is a cannabinoid that provides a lot of health benefits without the euphoric high of THC. There are over 140 other cannabinoids that have been discovered in cannabis, each having different effects and potential therapeutic value.

Most physicians we talk to here in the northeast are very open to the idea of patients using hemp products like CBD. To them it’s an extremely low risk option with a high potential upside. What’s not to like? If a patient has no pre-existing conditions or drug interactions that make it problematic, it’s a viable option.

Despite this, many patients are nervous to ask their doctor about CBD. Most are afraid the doctor is going to treat them like they are drug seeking. That’s why we partner with physicians. It is important for patients to be comfortable talking with them if they are considering using CBD products. This ensures that the patient doesn’t have any drug interactions or other complications. 

People sometimes ask us if CBD really works or if it is “snake oil.” The answer is that CBD or other cannabis products are a tool in your tool belt if you are dealing with health issues. Like any medication, some people respond, some don’t. Some require a small dose, some a larger dose. You get the picture.

The key to getting the best results is the right regimen. The right delivery methods. The right dosage. That’s where we come in. We take our craft very seriously and all of our products have specific purpose. We take a consultative approach with customers because we know we can help people improve their health naturally with a little guidance. 

At East Coast Herbalist, our mission is to bridge the gap between cannabis and healthcare. We advocate for our healthcare community and partners to embrace cannabis as a viable, low-risk option for the right patients. 

Our top priorities are creating the highest-quality products in the industry, providing the best customer experience, and educating on the safe and appropriate use of cannabis and CBD. We are working to advance the necessary clinical research into this evolving market and we believe in evidence backed by science.

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Our Mission

Our ultimate goal is to bridge the gap between the cannabis industry and healthcare through advocacy for both patients and consumers. We aim to help further the science related to cannabis medicine and to help make the industry safer and more transparent through meaningful regulation.

It’s a part of our mission to normalize the responsible use of cannabis as being no different than having a glass of wine, coffee, or taking ibuprofen. We believe in the importance of educating the public on the medicinal qualities of cannabis as well as the potential for abuse and irresponsible use. Through our educational efforts, we hope to reduce the stigma cannabis has developed from nearly 100 years of prohibition. 


Meet Our Team

We are Jeremy West, Mark Laquerre, and Justin Unsworth, Co-Founders and Co-CEOs of East Coast Herbalist, and friends for over 20 years. We have very different backgrounds that complement each other. We are active in our communities working to educate and advocate for the safe and effective use of cannabis.

As a leadership team, our appreciation and advocacy for the cannabis plant go far beyond starting East Coast Herbalist. As cultivators, Mark and Justin have an intimate knowledge on quality products, organic agriculture, and connoisseurs. 

As a healthcare professional in the field of neurology, Jeremy has witnessed patients with a host of medical conditions find relief in consuming cannabis in coordination with their doctor’s recommendations. 

The bottom line is this, we didn’t start this business to cash-in on an emerging industry. At East Coast Herbalist, we strongly believe that cannabis has the power to change healthcare in the US as we know it.


Jeremy is a healthcare executive with a background in behavioral health, neurology, insurance, pharmaceuticals, and business consulting. He’s also been involved in multiple startups, he coaches soccer, plays hockey and lacrosse, and enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters.



Mark is an ex-amateur boxer, personal trainer, and craft cannabis grower. He got involved in the medical cannabis industry back in 2006 when Rhode Island passed laws for medical use. He is a dedicated personal trainer and teaches boxing classes to students of all ages and abilities.



Justin has been in the barbering and beauty industry for nearly three decades where he owned and operated multiple salons and barbershops, and continues to work as a business consultant. Justin is a huge cannabis advocate and has been cultivating in Rhode Island’s medical program since 2010.


What Customers Are Saying

Can’t Say Enough

Can’t say enough about the quality of the products from East Coast. Quick delivery, packaged properly, excellent customer service.

Buz Gileau

Great Company

Great company that has tons of spectacular products and reasonable prices! Very prompt processing I’m very happy with the way they handle things.

Zac King

Blown Away

Absolutely blown away by the customer service; 10/10 would recommend this place to everyone I know.

Austin Conant

Out Of This World

The customer service here is absolutely out of this world. Knowledgeable and very helpful, highly recommend!

Jessica Pratt

Money Well Spent

I stumbled upon East Coast Herbalist a 30 minute drive from home. Staff were friendly and provided extensive info.

Donald Pedder

So Happy

I’m so happy with these products! Tried a handful of CBD from various companies without benefits. First day using lemongrass salve, so much better!

Celie Morin