We Are Passionate Advocates for Medical Cannabis

East Coast Herbalist is a Massachusetts-based healthcare organization and manufacturer of hemp-derived CBD products founded by two life-long friends. We started this company because we care about our community, we want to help others, and we believe in the promise of medical cannabis. 

We’re a trusted partner to physicians and patients across the United States. We work with like-minded professionals and businesses that share our passion for educating the public on the responsible and safe use of CBD products. 

At East Coast Herbalist, our team members have backgrounds in neurology, behavioral health, fitness, and consulting. We aim to bring credibility and trust into an industry that’s been lacking in both.

Why is that? It’s mainly because marijuana is still a scheduled narcotic and trafficked substance. Unfortunately, many people in the healthcare industry and the general public think patients want a medical marijuana card just to smoke cannabis. That’s the old way of thinking and it’s simply not accurate. 

The reality? People struggling with various ailments may find some relief through cannabis as a complement to other mainstream treatments.  

At East Coast Herbalist, we act as advocates to the healthcare community to encourage and convince them to embrace cannabis as a viable, low-risk option for their patients.

Our top priorities are creating the highest-quality products in the industry, providing the best customer experience, and educating on the safe and appropriate use of cannabis and CBD. We are working to advance the necessary clinical research into this evolving market and we believe in evidence backed by science.

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Our Mission

Our ultimate goal is to help grow the cannabis industry through continued advocacy for both patients and consumers. We aim to help further the science related to cannabis medicine and to help make the industry safer and more transparent. 

We believe in the importance of educating the public on the medicinal qualities of cannabis. Through our educational efforts, we hope to reduce the stigma cannabis has developed from nearly 100 years of prohibition. 

We want thoughtful and meaningful regulation in the industry to ensure quality and safety to consumers. 

It’s a part of our mission to normalize the responsible use of cannabis as being no different than having a glass of wine, coffee, or taking ibuprofen. There’s no turning back now and we’re in it for the long haul. We’re officially out of the cannabis closet and it feels incredible!

Meet Our Team

We are Jeremy West, Mark Laquerre, and Justin Unsworth, Co-Founders and Co-CEOs of East Coast Herbalist, and friends for over 20 years. We have very different backgrounds that complement each other. We are active in our communities working to educate and advocate for the safe and effective use of cannabis.

As a leadership team, our appreciation and advocacy for the cannabis plant go far beyond starting East Coast Herbalist. As growers, we have both witnessed first-hand how patients have used cannabis as medicine. 

As a healthcare professional, Jeremy has witnessed patients with a host of medical conditions find relief in consuming cannabis in coordination with their doctor’s recommendations. 

The bottom line is this, we didn’t start this business to cash-in on an emerging industry. At East Coast Herbalist, we strongly believe that cannabis has through-the-roof potential to help people deal with chronic health issues. 

It doesn’t matter whether those issues are related to physical or mental health, the applications are endless. We will continue to advocate for much-needed continued research into effectiveness in specific disease states as well as dosing protocols. We truly believe that cannabis has the potential to change healthcare in the US for the better.


Jeremy is a healthcare executive with a background in behavioral health, neurology, insurance, pharmaceuticals, and business consulting. He’s also been involved in multiple startups, he coaches soccer, plays hockey and lacrosse, and enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters.



Mark is an ex-amateur boxer, personal trainer, and craft cannabis grower. He got involved in the medical cannabis industry back in 2006 when Rhode Island passed laws for medical use. He is a dedicated personal trainer and teaches boxing classes to students of all ages and abilities.



Justin has been in the barbering and beauty industry for nearly three decades where he owned and operated multiple salons and barbershops, and continues to work as a business consultant. Justin is a huge cannabis advocate and has been cultivating in Rhode Island’s medical program since 2010.


What Customers Are Saying

Can’t Say Enough

Can’t say enough about the quality of the products from East Coast. Quick delivery, packaged properly, excellent customer service.

Buz Gileau

Great Company

Great company that has tons of spectacular products and reasonable prices! Very prompt processing I’m very happy with the way they handle things.

Zac King

Blown Away

Absolutely blown away by the customer service; 10/10 would recommend this place to everyone I know.

Austin Conant

Out Of This World

The customer service here is absolutely out of this world. Knowledgeable and very helpful, highly recommend!

Jessica Pratt

Money Well Spent

I stumbled upon East Coast Herbalist a 30 minute drive from home. Staff were friendly and provided extensive info.

Donald Pedder

So Happy

I’m so happy with these products! Tried a handful of CBD from various companies without benefits. First day using lemongrass salve, so much better!

Celie Morin