CBD Dosing Guide

In regards to dosing, there is no exact science. We always suggest speaking to your doctor before implementing CBD, especially if you are taking other medications or have medical issues. The compounds in cannabis can behave very differently for different people, so suggestions are specific to each situation. Here’s a few examples to illustrate the differences:

Patient 1 is an experienced cannabis user, has had several surgeries, is dealing with a lot of symptoms, and weighs 250 lbs. We would suggest speaking to their doctor since they are most likely on medications. Then we may suggest using a topical and a full spectrum tincture with CBD and CBG. We would typically start the tincture at a higher dose like 50-100mg per serving. We would have them titrate that dose up or down every 2 days based on how they respond. We would go with a higher dose topical as well. Something in the 1000–2000mg range. The combination of the tincture daily and the topical as needed for 30 days will give them a good idea of how effective it is for them.

Patient 2 is new to CBD, gets drug tested by their employer, has a very stressful job and home life, and weighs 120 lbs. We would suggest a 1500mg CBD Isolate tincture or a broad spectrum capsule or gummy for ease of use. We would start them with a dosage of anywhere between 10 – 25mg per serving and titrate them up or down depending on their response. If they aren’t getting a response, we will continue to slowly titrate them up by 10-25mg every 2 days until they get results or they experience some mild side effects, in which case we would stop treatment.

Patient 3 has some moderate symptoms, but their main concern is sleep. They aren’t a regular cannabis user, but they aren’t concerned about small amounts of THC if it is helping. They weigh 180 lbs. We would suggest starting with a tincture that has CBD and CBN at bedtime. Starting dose would be 15-20mg each to gauge the effects. If they feel overly sedated, lethargic, or had a hard time waking up, we could titrate the dose down. If they didn’t feel enough effect, we would increase the dosage by about 15-20mg each subsequent night until they get results or experience mild side effects.

As you can see, there is no exact science to this. It requires some knowledge, patience, and trial and error. If you are willing to commit to a regimen for 30 days, you will quickly find out if cannabis can help, what products are going to work best, and how much it will cost you per month after you find the right products.

From our experience, one of the most common reasons people don’t have success with CBD products is because they are under dosing. Clinical trials have utilized dosages of 500mg+ per serving in children over the age of 2, so there is an element of safety at higher doses. For some issues, 5-10mg just won’t cut it.

Check out our dosing guide below. This guide is intended as suggestions and is not intended to be medical advice. Always consult your doctor if adding CBD, especially if using other medications or if you have a significant history of health issues.


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