CBD for Pets: How CBD for Dogs Can Support Your Fur Baby’s Well Being

CBD for dogs has many benefits when it comes to supporting health and well-being. Many caring pet parents have found that using CBD for pets can relieve discomfort, promote relaxation, and help with stiff joints. As an all-natural treatment, CBD oil can support your furry friend through difficult times.

CBD is short for cannabidiol. This is a legal, non-hallucinogenic extract from the cannabis plant. There is already growing evidence for using CBD to help treat human ailments. But what about CBD for your pooch? What are the remarkable ways CBD products can support your four-legged friend’s health?

Many pet products contain CBD oil. For example, there are doggy treats containing CBD for calmness and CBD tinctures that may help improve movement in stiff joints. So, it’s surprisingly easy to incorporate CBD products for dogs as part of holistic wellness support. 

How can your furry friend benefit from CBD oil? Please read on to find out.

The Benefits of CBD for Dogs

The benefits of CBD for pets are similar to humans. CBD oil products have been linked to providing relief from the symptoms of common ailments, helping promote relaxation, and improving restful sleep. For your pooch to benefit from CBD oil, it’s vital to choose high-quality CBD products, specifically for pets.

The benefits of CBD for dogs come in pet-friendly products. For example, Honest Paws Flavored Bites are tasty treats for pooch wellness and calmness. The high-quality bites come in coconut, turmeric, or peanut butter flavor—depending on the type of wellness support you want to offer. 

Some CBD pet products help support skin issues that your pet pooch might be having. Honest Paws Relief Pet Balm is easy to apply and is excellent for helping your pet dog deal with dry, itchy skin. What’s more, you can easily rub the balm on your pet’s nose, paws, or body.

What if your canine friend needs some relief due to inflammation or stress issues? You can get the benefits of CBD oil in a handy tincture. All you need to do is add a few drops of hemp extract to food or right in your dog’s mouth.

How Much CBD Your Dog Needs?

CBD products for dogs contain the necessary dosage for your pet. Typically, the amount of CBD to give pets depends on their size and what your goal is. More significant issues may require higher doses.

So, here are some suggested starting points depending on your dog’s weight:

  • Less than 15 lbs: Start with 2-3mg per dose. Increase as needed.
  • 15 – 50 lbs: Start with 3-5mg per dose. Increase as needed.
  • 50+ lbs: Start with 5mg per dose. Increase as needed.

Should I Get Treats or a Tincture?

With CBD dog treats, the dosage is typically 5mg per piece. You can break or cut them in half fairly easily, but the dosage is going to be simple. Treats are the easiest, quickest, and most familiar way to incorporate CBD into your dog’s regimen.

A tincture offers you greater flexibility in dosing and may last longer. Some dogs are extremely picky with what they eat, but a tincture can easily be incorporated at mealtimes by mixing it with their food. 

Our 250mg Bacon Tincture comes with a measured dropper so you can dose according to your needs. A full 1ml is roughly 8mg of CBD, .5ml is roughly 4mg, and .25ml is roughly 2mg. If your dog is doing well at 4mg per day, our pet tincture will last for 2 months.

How to Tell if CBD Oil is Working

As with any natural remedy, you need to know if the treatment is effective. Thankfully, with dog CBD products, there is a low-risk natural option to help them stay balanced, happy, and healthy.

The best way to tell if your canine friend is benefiting from CBD oil is to observe behavior. Notice if the symptoms you are trying to address seem to be improving, staying the same, or getting worse. 

Consistency is the biggest key to success. Implement a regimen and stay consistent with it for at least 2 weeks before trying to gauge results.

CBD For Dogs: How to Get the Best Support

At East Coast Herbalist, we can help you find the best CBD oil products for pets. Please contact us to learn how you can provide holistic support to boost your pet dog’s wellness.

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