How Can You Properly Store Hemp Flower? Top Strategies to Keep Your Buds Fresh

When you buy hemp flower, you want to make sure you take the time to store the buds properly. If not stored properly, the bud will dry out and deteriorate losing taste, potency, and quality. Consuming hemp is great for your wellbeing and learning the best way to store your hemp flower will give you the best experience.

Hemp flower is great for those that like to smoke and want all of the benefits of cannabis without the “high” associated with it. Smoking provides near-instant uptake through the lungs. Also, more cannabinoids are absorbed using this delivery method. For people with issues they want to address quickly, this is one of the best ways to do it.

Other’s use hemp flower to make their own oils, topicals, or edibles at home. Storing the hemp properly helps to preserve terpenes and keep the quality high. When stored properly, it will retain its potency and significantly improve the quality.

How to store hemp flower properly: Tips and tricks

First things first, you’ll want to invest in some kind of jar that’ll give you an airtight seal. A mason jar works well, but make sure you store it away from light.

Check out some of our stash jars for several different options. You can get something air-tight, child-safe, and light-resistant. A quality stash jar is a must if you want to preserve high-quality flower.

Once you have the proper jar, store it somewhere cool out of direct light.

What Affects CBD Hemp Flower?

Degradation happening over time causes hemp flower to lose cannabinoid potency. Terpenes will also evaporate, which means you get less of an entourage effect. This will also affect the taste and smell. Here are the things that can cause degradation:


Something as simple as the air can affect your hemp flower. If you leave the buds out on a rolling tray or even in an open grinder, the air will dry them out. You end up with something very dry, brittle, and not so tasty. The air allows the terpenes and cannabinoids to oxidize.


Too much light too quickly will cause the cannabinoids to degrade much faster than if they were stored in a dark, cool, and dry environment. You will know if light has affected the hemp flower because you will see it change color.


Exposure to heat will dry out the CBD flower, creating a flavorless and very harsh taste. Just like light and oxygen, heat will also degrade the components that you want to be consuming.

All three of these things together will significantly increase the degradation process with your hemp flower.

Dry, cool, dark environments are critical to store hemp flower properly

For all the connoisseurs out there, you know a good stash jar goes a long way. If you have a mason jar handy, that works perfectly, but if you want something more official, come check us out at the store or check out the site. We like to keep things sealed up properly so we get the most out of our product.

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