How to Create Your Own CBD Topical Cream

CBD topicals offer a totally unique way to experience the properties of the hemp plant in action.  They target one area of the body that is particularly bothersome, sending a concentrated dose of cannabinoids to the affected area while remaining localized for maximum on-the-spot relief. 

CBD topical solutions also come in all kinds of forms, ranging from thick and luxurious creams to deeply hydrating massage oils. They offer various milligram strengths, fragrances, and overall formulas with an array of ingredients that can benefit the skin. 

Now, anyone out there who might be the DIY type, you are going to want to continue reading on as we walk you through the process of making your own CBD topical cream from scratch. This recipe offers deep hydration to the skin, while ensuring that the cannabidiol reaches the muscles effectively through maximum absorption.

The Benefits of Making Your Own DIY Topical CBD Cream

So, why make your own CBD cream when you can choose from hundreds upon hundreds that exist already on the market?  Well, for a few reasons. One is simply that DIY can be a fun way to express your creativity and enjoy a new hobby. Further, it’s a way to really customize your daily hemp routine through a number of factors. Making your own topical cream from scratch can give you control over the potency of each application, the aroma you experience, the ingredients and so forth, so that each application really satisfies all of your needs at once.

CBD Topical Cream Ingredients

Before going into the process of making a CBD topical cream, we gotta give you those ingredients.


-1/4 cup of olive oil

-3 tablespoons of coconut oil

-2 tablespoons of beeswax

-1 tablespoon of shea butter

-20 drops of essential oil*

CBD oil **

*You can choose the essential oils you put into your CBD cream. For ideas, consider what each essential oil is good for. For instance, lavender can be anti-inflammatory, while also offering a calming scent throughout the day. Peppermint has cooling properties that can be good for more acute pain.

**The amount of CBD oil you use depends on how potent you want the formula to be.  You can use up to 4 droppers of CBD oil in this formula before the consistency can become imbalanced. Remember that you cannot overdose on topical cannabidiol.

Steps to Making a CBD Topical Cream

Step #1: Sanitize an airtight glass jar by running it through the dishwasher.

Step #2: Combine all of the ingredients into the jar and give them a gentle stir. 

Step #3: Fill a saucepan about 4 inches with water.  Put the pan on low heat so that it can simmer without rapidly boiling.

Step #4: Place the jar containing the cream ingredients directly into the saucepan, with the lid off.  The ingredients will begin to melt. 

Step #5: While they are melting, stir occasionally. 

Step #6: Once the ingredients have fully melted, remove the jar from heat. 

Step #7: Allow it to sit overnight at room temperature, and the next morning you will have a rich CBD topical cream.

How to Use a CBD Topical Cream

Now that you have your very own DIY topical cream, let’s talk about how you can use it.  CBD topical creams can be used multiple times per day if needed, but most people find that one daily application is plenty to get the desired results.  Whether you choose morning or night application is up to you, based on when you want the properties to be felt.

Topical creams take about 15 to 20 minutes to become active, and the effects can last for up to 6 or so hours. Take this into account when deciding when to apply.

To apply, simply scoop a small amount out of the jar with your fingers, and massage it thoroughly into the area that you wish to apply some relief.  Make sure the cream is fully absorbed so that the maximum amount of cannabidiol gets into the muscles and joints.

How Long Your CBD Topical Cream Will Last

Typically, CBD cream is good for about 6 months.  While the CBD oil itself is stable for up to two years, the formula can separate as it sits around.  The recipe above should supply you with about a month’s worth of cream if applied daily.

Another Unique Way to Get Creative with CBD

Making your own CBD topical cream is a great way to get creative while really finetuning your daily topical routine. The above recipe is extremely easy to follow, and will give you a deeply moisturizing, cannabidiol-rich formula that can be applied daily, and which absorbs into the skin easily and quickly for maximum results.