Top Easy and Effective CBD Point-of-Purchase Marketing Ideas

Use these ideas to launch an effective point-of-purchase marketing strategy and boost your in-store CBD sales. 

Your customer is in the checkout lane. They’ve already decided to purchase from you, so that’s one less hurdle to clear. Make it easy for them to find even more of your products they’ll love and buy with point-of-purchase (POP) marketing for increased CBD sales

Better yet, do it in style — use custom-made POP displays with branded artwork. This will make a big difference in grabbing the customer’s attention and help you stand out from competitors. 

Finally, add a loyalty program to entice customers to continue to shop your products and make every purchase go toward unlocking fun prizes, discounts, and rewards.

Check out our list of top CBD point-of-purchase ideas below to get started on your POP CBD marketing. 

What is point-of-purchase?

Point-of-purchase (POP) is where customers decide to buy a product, such as a checkout lane or a grocery store aisle where they put things in their cart. 

What’s a POP display?

A POP display is marketing material that lives in a POP area. POP displays grab people’s attention and promote a specific product. 

Succeed at CBD Marketing with a Clear POP Strategy

POP marketing is an excellent way to increase your CBD sales. But it should be a part of a bigger marketing scheme. You’ll need to determine how your POP marketing fits into your overall marketing strategy. This will give you the greatest chances of success. 

A little bit of forethought will go a long way. Consistent branding will increase the effectiveness of your POP marketing and help generate recurring sales and revenue. Figure out your strategy, where POP displays fit in, your budget, then allocate funds and start creating your displays. 

Remember to educate people about your CBD product.

The CBD market has taken the world by storm. But, it’s still in its infancy. This presents both a unique opportunity and a challenge for POP marketers. Since many of your customers won’t be familiar with CBD, use your POP displays to educate as well as entice customers to buy. 

Include general information about your product, its benefits, and what customers can expect. But keep in mind that while general information has its place, you’ll want to use POP displays to target a specific type of customer. 

For example, use a POP display to educate customers with sleep issues about CBD or customers who are athletic and want to try CBD. Specific marketing will make your POP displays more effective when they speak to and resonate with a particular person. 

Use your USP

If you don’t already, you want to determine your Unique Selling Proposition or USP. A compelling USP is your brand’s elevator pitch, and it helps persuade people to ultimately buy your CBD product. In your POP display, include language that conveys precisely why your CBD product meets the viewer’s specific needs. Emphasize your product’s quality and how your brand can consistently deliver. 

Good marketing should stimulate the senses. Be sure to use powerful, sensory language in your materials to give your branding a competitive edge. 

Understanding the value of POP marketing 

Customers typically decide to buy something once they’re in a store. In this article, we’re focusing on the people who rely on cues from the retail environment to convince them to purchase. 

If you don’t have effective CBD marketing materials to draw attention to your products, you won’t be making the most of the opportunity that this type of customer presents. 

The Most Effective POP Marketing Displays for CBD

There are many POP display designs to choose from, and you can place them in key areas throughout your store. Feel free to copy our ideas and use them. 

Floor displays

Any freestanding unit placed on the floor meets this definition of a POP display. Usually, floor displays reach eye level, so they’re easy to see and notice. Items stocked higher or lower than eye level often go unnoticed. So an eye-level floor display is also the most eye-catching. 

The most common freestanding POP displays are shelving units that hold smaller products like tincture bottles or edibles. Customize your configuration and add branded elements to put the pop in your POP display. 

Counter displays 

Counter displays are typically small units that can be easily moved and sit on a flat surface. Counter displays are ideal for encouraging an impulse buy at the checkout counter. Usually, counter displays hold small items and seasonal products, like lotions or CBD gummies. 

Since these are small units and can be easily overlooked, incorporate bright colors and stunning images. Stock the display with items that are easy to buy on impulse. 

POP display dump bins

A dump bin is a display that houses small items, like CBD candies. These POP displays are meant to hold items that a customer would typically buy more than one of. If space allows, you can also use a dump bin to promote a BOGO deal. 

Sampling area POP display

A sampling area POP display gives your customers the chance to try it before they buy it. Sampling displays are often used to promote edibles, scented, or beauty items. 

Loyalty Program

Make sure to launch a loyalty program to encourage customers to continue to purchase your products.

The most common loyalty program models allow customers to accumulate points through sales or straightforward actions on your store. 

You can offer customers to earn points on every CBD purchase they make, which can then be redeemed for a reward to encourage them to make a repeat purchase. Ask them to refer their friends and family and engage with your company on social media for points. Or offer rewards for creating accounts, birthdays, product reviews; options are endless. 

Encourage a CBD Sale at Your Store

The CBD market may be new, but it’s competitive and intense. With a clear-cut marketing strategy and strong branding, you can capture lifelong customers for your CBD brand. Use these strategies to carve out a secure niche for yourself in such a competitive industry. 

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