Why Is CBD So Popular Among Millennials?

CBD-infused products are becoming one of the most popular health products among millennials. Since the 2018 Farm Bill legalized cannabinoids and hemp-derived products, there has been a surge in its usage.

CBD oils, edibles, beverages, CBD hemp flower, and cosmetics containing cannabinoids are for sale online, in local stores, and even at gas stations. Just be mindful, not all CBD products are created equal. Finding a reputable retailer that specializes in CBD will ensure you are getting the best quality.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of over 100 cannabinoids from the cannabis plant (Cannabis sativa). CBD doesn’t contain any psychoactive properties that cause euphoria and is a natural product considered safe to use. Many people take high-quality CBD tinctures or capsules or enjoy edibles like CBD honey, chocolate, gummies, and candies. There is even a range of CBD products for pets.

Why have CBD-infused products become so popular among millennials? Part of the reason is due to shifting attitudes toward using products derived from hemp. The other reason is the COVID-19 pandemic.

Millennials are the Driving Force Behind CBD Usage

According to some estimates, around one-third of Americans have already used cannabis-related products legally. During the pandemic, many millennials were looking for natural ways to manage mental and physical health issues. A 2021 study on CBD use among adults in the US found that the “millennials tout the benefits of using cannabis and CBD products for stress, anxiety, and general wellness.

According to Tara Rozalowsky from Canopy Growth Corp, the most remarkable surge in using CBD products is among millennials. There is a growing trend among the 25 – 40-year-old age group in using CBD oils, edibles, beverages, CBD flower, and other CBD-infused products for medicinal uses.

Rozalowsky says that around one-third of adults plan to try CBD products within the following year. This means that the massive growth in the market will rise to $10 billion by 2023. One of the most significant areas where growth is expected to occur is in the CBD beverage sector.

Millennials and CBD Beverages

Common CBD beverages are hemp-infused teas, CBD coffee, energy drinks with CBD, and sparkling hemp-infused water. Millennials have taken to these CBD drinks because they want to stay clear of sugary sodas. Now CBD is the newest ingredient that is a big hit with millennials.

What are some of the popular ways to consume drinks infused with CBD? Here are a few examples.

You can now get your daily caffeine fix along with the benefit of hemp in CBD coffee made from 100% Arabica coffee beans. The coffee comes in k-cup compatible pods and promises to deliver a “silky smooth texture and robust aftertaste.”

If you are looking for a refreshing CBD beverage, you can try this sparkling water by WyldCBD. The delicious yet invigorating beverage comes in four flavors — blood orange, raspberry, lemon, and blackberry.

However, if you need some calmness, then there is a tasty cloudberry and chamomile CBD sleep beverage to help bring some peace to your life. The drink contains full-spectrum hemp isolate along with caffeine and other extracts to help bring balance and energy to your life.

Millennials and CBD Oil

CBD oils, or tinctures, are probably the most commonly used hemp-derived products for medicinal uses. Tinctures are commonly made with hemp seed or MCT (coconut oil). Tinctures come in a variety of flavors as well as organic and vegan options.

Tinctures are extremely popular because of their versatility. They can be administered under the tongue or in food or beverage and you can easily control the dose using the provided measured dropper. Tinctures come in a variety of strengths and formulations, so your best bet is to find a local retailer that can help guide you to the right product for your specific uses.

We have recently seen less mainstream cannabinoids like CBG and CBN be incorporated into tinctures. This helps to tailor the effects for specific uses since most customers are looking to address something specific. CBG and CBN are like CBD in that they do not cause the user to feel “high.”

CBG works incredibly well for inflammation and gut health, while CBN is known to be much more sedating and is typically found in sleep aid products. The addition of CBG or CBN is also thought to help the CBD work more effectively due to something called The Entourage Effect.

If you are looking for just CBD, check out our best-selling Vanilla Caramel Tincture. If you are looking for something stronger to address more significant issues, check out GreenMed Botanicals CBD:CBG Tincture. Also, if you are looking for something specific to help you sleep, check out GreenMed Botanicals CBD:CBN Tincture. 

Millennials and CBD Flower

Another trend among millennials is hemp flower, which is commonly known as CBD flower. There are many varieties like Bubba Kush that contain around 10-20%+ total cannabinoids.

Depending on the strain of hemp flower, it can taste of berries, have a smell with notes of citrus, and even provide different effects.

Unlike its close cousin, marijuana, smoking hemp does not produce a euphoric sensation. It can, however, instill a sense of calm, provide an uplift in mood, and may even help with smoke cessation. This is because hemp has high concentrations of CBD and low concentrations of Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. THC is the psychoactive component in marijuana that causes the user to feel “high.” Hemp contains less than 0.3% THC by dry weight.

The most obvious and common way to use hemp flower is to smoke it. This provides instant, fast-acting relief without intoxication. For those that are not into smoking, you can use the flower to make tea infusions, cook with it, or even make your own CBD products at home by infusing it into butter, oil, or food.

In Conclusion

Millennials are using CBD products in ways that previous generations never did. With the growth in the CBD market, it seems that hemp-infused products are here to stay. Time will tell how Generation Z will take to utilizing the benefits of CBD.

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